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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is already on the market for one month. But we have not gotten into more detail with him yet, so now it’s time to finally fix it. Xiaomi’s third generation of the smart bracelet features a remarkably innovative design, but also a number of improvements in terms of parameters, for example, ultimately reliably watertight. But it also has a larger and better readable display. And even lets you browse directly into received messages or emails and browse them right on three pages.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3: Design and display

Xiaomi Mi Band 3, as in its previous “incarnations”, consists of an electronic core and a silicone bracelet. Easily separate from each other, allowing you to change the bracelet to a new or more attractive color. The bracelet acts robustly and reliably, holding firmly and comfortably on the hand. In the narrowest places, however, it is somewhat thinner, which is due to the enlargement of the core itself with the display.

The Mi Band’s powerful center has stretched to length, but it has also grown to the width. Its rounded convex design adds a little bit to its robustness. But the display has gone through the most significant change. Its brightness and hence the readability of the exterior has greatly improved. The OLED display (128 x 80 pixels) is also touching, so the central home button beneath it is not the only bracelet control. In addition, you can activate the display by turning your hand, which makes you appreciate the active use of the “on-field” device.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3: Specifications and Features

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 offers a number of practical features that make it a useful helper not only for sports, but also more common activities. Works like a classic watch with a datepiece, you can choose from three ways of viewing. You will also see the current weather – both today and the next two days. The brace will measure your heartbeat and count the distance and the number of steps. It also includes stopwatch and graphical display of battery status.

A separate category of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 functionality is a paired smartphone interaction. You can, for example, swear if you can not find it. However, the condition for any other “action” is available with Mi Fit, which is free and communicates with you in the phone setup language. Unfortunately, the fitband itself can still only get Chinese software, but reinstall it on English, but you will be able to add it again until the manufacturer issues the update.You can also help with unofficial apps that are freely available and will allow you to replace the Chinese interface with English (the only sickness will be a drop of special Slovak characters such as when you read news and caller names).

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3: Charging and I / O Interfaces

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 battery has a capacity of 110mAh and lasts up to 20 days. It is charging through a special USB cable. A nice bonus we have not mentioned yet is waterproof. Almost up to 5ATM / 50 meters below the surface. So you do not have to worry about normal showering or surface swimming.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is not a mandatory serial number, but a full-featured upgrade to one of the best-selling smartphones in the world. Enjoying a new design, it will satisfy the improved functionality – and certainly not so much the price. You can only get it at GearBest for just 29 euros and a few cents! The condition, of course, is that you are ready to wait for the official language updates for a while.

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