Rugged smartphones are nothing new, as they have been around for years, However, the Ulefone Armor 5 represents a brand new breed of rugged smartphones, mixing all the best and expected features of rugged phones, while adding a layer of sophistication and performance to the mix.

The Ulefone Armor is the first rugged smartphone in the world with a notch screen and full-screen display at that, with very thin bezels.


Design wise, the Ulefone Armor 5 really stands out in the best way possible. Most rugged phones are traditionally bulky and, quite frankly, ugly. But not the Ulefone Armor 5! The Armor 5 looks elegant, while at the same time still maintaining the strong and robust design lines associated with rugged smartphones.

Metal and composite materials make up the ultra-resistant body of the Armor 5, and no matter from which angle you look at it, it always looks spectacular.


The Ulefone Armor 5 comes equipped with most specs that consumers have come to expect from modern Android smartphones, including the latest OS from Google, Android 8. Besides, to keep all operations running, the powerful MTK6763 2.0GHz Octa-Core CPU is inside, coupled with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage that can be expanded with a Micro SD card up to 256GB. For power, a huge 5000mAh battery will keep the Armor 5 going for more than a day without needed to recharge.

The cameras on the Ulefone Armor 5 are equally as impressive as all the other features: a dual-camera in the back with 16MP and 5MP, plus a front-facing camera with 13MP. Either you’re out on adventures taking panoramic pictures or just having fun with selfies, the Armor 5 will be the right partner for you.


Being a rugged smartphone, the Ulefone Armor 5 is packed with unique special features you wouldn’t find in most common smartphone devices. The phone is built with resistance to high temperatures, corrosion and drop. Plus IP68 protection grade guarantees the safety of the device in all sorts of wet conditions.

On top of it all, it also supports two SIM cards, wireless charging and facial recognition unlocking function!


If you were always curious and interested in rugged phones, but always thought they were just too unpractical and ugly to actually get one, then the Ulefone Armor 5 is the one that will finally allow you to make the jump. Elegance, performance, and all the strong and resistant features from a rugged smartphone are here!