Macaw, yet an up-and-coming brand in the audio community, dedicated to manufacturing the avant-garde headset products for audiophiles, which is getting more and more attention.

Thus, the Macow TX-80 neck-hanging Bluetooth headset makes its debut in the wave of remote control sports earphones and causes an enthusiastic response. Let’s check it out.


Main feature: It features a compact, detachable kit with an earplug and magnetic cable. The whole design pursues a kind of linear sense and light-some feeling, measuring the only weight of 0.031kg and length of 0.9m. The MACAW TX-80 durability performs excellently with supremely durable construction quality with a 50-50 metal and robust plastic construction. The waterproof function is also well guaranteed. As mentioned above, the cables, with the magnetic connection, are flat, thick and very rubberized. Magnet absorption improves the portability and avoids the cable’s twine and conveniently stores for doing sports while not using. Behind-the-ear and neckband design will not fall out easily when doing hard sports. Never miss such a sports headset with the ergonomic design.

Earplug: The high-tech material of aerospace is applied to the inside of the headphone to assure the superior quality. Utilizing the 10mm titanium, composite diaphragm, moving coil, Macaw TX-80 with dual stereo will deliver the immersive, shock and surging, omnidirectional sound effect.

Paired with this, TX-80 adopts the advanced, powder metallurgy magnetic housing for effortless storage and carry. Never worry about tangled cables. Macaw focuses on exquisite workmanship, and thus make the delicate shell with metal drawing line, the logo “Macaw” carved. Integrating the built-in metal and plastic with a rear section holding a magnetic system, it comes with the coaxial MMCX line replaceable suggestion. The MMCX function is also compatible with any Hybrid earphone ( wired or wireless )with MMCX connector, earphone, and cable, making the headphone switch from being wired to the wireless freely.

Soft wire rod: Such skin type ergonomic neck hanging is perfectly customized and ensures a comfortable fit every time.  With an appropriate IPX5 grade nanometer water-repellent cables, just feel free to move with your music during your daily exercise. Attention: This product is designed for use in rain but no water immersion, such as swimming, shower.etc


Macaw TX-80 is a combination of high-end output technology of the CSR8645 chip with the 110mAH Li-ion built-in battery. It’s capable of running 300h as the standby time after 1.5-2h charging time.

Due to its powerful built-in function, it can realize remote Bluetooth control, which can accurately and efficiently reach as far as 10 meters. The senior aptness included:

Dual connections: Capable of connecting the earphone to 2 devices simultaneously. The battery charge will be read and informed via IOS system (Android/PC included)

Battery alerts: Voice prompt tone informing a lower battery level.

Hands-free Call: The inbuilt HD mic helps to implement answering the phone.

Type In-Ear
Cable Length (m) 0.9m
Driver unit 10mm
Frequency response20-20000Hz
Standby Time about 300h

Simple operation

It is precisely equipped with three squared adjustment buttons. You can switch songs via the “+” & “-” buttons, without carrying your phone everywhere. In this case, the sports headset is worthy of its name.

  • 3-second press and hold: Power on
  • 6-second press and hold: Set to pairing mode
  • A single press: Play, Pause music or Answer calls
  • 1-second press and hold while turned ON: Voice control
  • 3-second press and hold while turned ON: Power off

Volume UP Button:

  • A single press: Volume up by 1 level
  • second press and hold: Next song

Volume Down Button:

  • A single press: Volume down by 1 level
  • 1-second press and hold: Previous song

Calls Commands (middle button)

  • A single press: Answer calls/End Calls
  • 1-second press and hold: Reject Calls

LED Status Light:

  • Flashing red=low battery, blue light=power on, red(while connected to charger)=charging,
  • blue (while connected to charger)=fully charged, red-blue alternating=pair mode, blinking blue=On and paired.


  • The red light of the MACAW TX-80 will turn blue when it is fully charged.
  • A full charge takes approx.1.5 hs of continuous use or 300hs in standby.

Pros & Cons

  • Magnet Absorption

  • IPX5 Nano Waterproof

  • Hands-free Call

  • Multi-point Connection

  • English Voice Prompt

  • No WiFi support.

Wrapping up

Macaw TX-80 has surpassed beyond the traditional headsets and gets rid of the cumbersome but light and intelligent instead, with an affordable price. The Macaw TX-80 implements remote Bluetooth control, combining a portable size and four brilliant colors for a stunning impression and your personal preferences. It applied to people of all ages.

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