GearBest is a Shenzhen, China based multinational eCommerce company specialized in gadgets and apparel. The company has a US portfolio comprised of one warehouse in New York and another in Los Angeles.

By buying items from GearBest, US customers get a chance to receive innovative products that in most cases have not yet landed in the market. GearBest also lets the customers enjoy extremely competitive prices.

In this guide you’ll find important information on how you can buy items from GearBest’s stores in China and the US.

Shipping from GearBest

GearBest offers its customers various shipping methods so you can choose your preferred option, except priority mail. The methods available for US customers include Flat Rate Shipping, Standard Shipping and Expedited Shipping.

When you import goods from China, you’re normally required to pay customs duty in accordance with the local tax policy. For instance, you may be required to clear customs if the item is valued at any figure above $200, imported by flat rate shipping. GearBest is not responsible for any tax invoice charged on its products imported from China.

Shipping rates

These will vary depending on the shipping method you use, weight of product, the origin, the destination and the warehouse. The different policies and local tax rates also affect shipping rates. Be sure to contact local customs to get clarity on these policies.

If you are purchasing from the warehouses located in New York and Los Angeles however, you can enjoy custom-free shipping. GearBest has already paid duty on them upon their landing in the United States. The shipping rates will therefore often be much lower.

All the goods in these locations are also available for immediate dispatch. Once you place an order, the processing time may be anywhere from 1 to 2 business days.

You’ll be able to see detailed pricing information when placing an order. Select the correct warehouse and your destination, then select the shipping method to obtain an accurate cost of shipping.

How to place an order?

Simply log into GearBest via the Sign-in Button located to the right of the site header. 

Sign In Icon

Once you are signed in, proceed to shop what you want. When you reach the checkout phase, you’ll see several shipping options available.

shipping guide-warehouse

These options may appear differently depending on the warehouse you’re buying from. Options under Chinese warehouse may appear differently than those under a Hong Kong warehouse. Select the correct one and proceed to check out.


GearBest indicates between 15 – 30 days as its shipping intervals on most options. A lot of customers however receive their shipments within as little as 7 business days despite the above figures. You can check to see which options will deliver your shipment within the shortest duration.