Today, we are going to break down the shipping process from China to America using USA Express shipping method. We worked with a customer to monitor the shipment of an item step-by-step so that we can fully demonstrate the effectiveness of our shipping and tracking systems.

About USA Express

USA Express is one of the shipping methods that we highly suggest since it is cheapfast, and safe. It is sometimes offered for free for orders above $40! It typically takes 7-10 business days to ship internationally with trusted partners like UPS and DHL.

How to select USA Express

USA Express Guide - GearBest

After selecting your items and clicking the proceed to checkout button, USA Express will appear under Standard Shipping or Priority Direct Mail. Even though USA Express is considered one of the safest shipping channels on GearBest, we recommend buying Shipping Insurance for your purchase. It is available at an extremely low price where the insurance will protect the shipment over the international journey.

Step 1 : Order has been processed, tracking begins

USA Express Guide - GearBest

Tracking for USA Express is made with typically and is connected to all the logistics partners and collect all the relevant tracking information when the package is scanned at a delivery checkpoint.

Step 2: Arrival at Hong Kong Airport

Once the order is shipped, you should receive an email from GearBest with a tracking number looking like IT*********. If you do not receive a tracking email please contact our customer support here

The first place the package will reach is the Hong Kong airport. There is no big difference if your parcel is sent out from a Chinese or Hong Kong warehouse since it usually arrives there overnight. GearBest uses dedicated delivery lines to reach the airport quickly, but be aware that sometimes there are not updates on the package until it is scanned in the airport.

When you see your package at the point of “Parcel is leaving Hong Kong Airport” remember that the package has to go through security checks in the airport, then placed inside a pallet and flown to the US. Since our customer we collaborated with is in Little Rock, AR the package arrived at Hebron, KY about 5 days after it had left the warehouse. This is typically the longest step of USA Express.

USA Express Guide - GearBest

Step 3: From Kentucky to Arkansas

Once it has arrived in Hebron, KY, before it can be logged and updated the package has to go through customs and then is shipped out shortly after. You will be notified when it leaves that warehouse.

USA Express Guide - GearBest

After you are notified that your package has left Hebron, you will then be updated on your package’s next stage where it is scanned at the intermediate warehouses, DHL and UPS like to scan a package as it comes in to the ware and as it leaves so you are kept as up to date as possible.

USA Express Guide - GearBest

Step 4: Final Delivery

Now that the package has arrived in the destination city of Little Rock, AR the tracking website will update the information online. Depending on the carrier you could receive a text or email letting you know your order is on its way to the delivery address.

USA Express Guide - GearBest

We suggest to track the package every day at by entering your tracking number here:

USA Express Guide - GearBest

Then once your information has been found the page should look something like this:

USA Express Guide - GearBest

Make sure to double check your delivery zip code!

Conclusions and Suggestions

We are happy to explain how are USA Express shipping works, where the order went halfway around the world in 9 days – which is pretty fast to reach a land locked state like Arkansas. Please also take notice of peak shipping seasons, like holidays, when the shipping time might take up to 15 business days to deliver.

Furthermore, the more remote the location the longer it will take to arrive. A product sent to San Francisco, CA will take much less time to deliver than to a small town in the middle of the US. Also some ZIP codes might not be available for shipment, you can check to see what is available here: