Like any eCommerce store, GearBest puts premium on security of customer data, especially payment options information. Customers want to know that their card data and other personal information is safe when they shop online. And GearBest is keen to guarantee it.

The company recommends the use of PayPal to provide its customers with maximum security for all payment information. PayPal has great security features that make it difficult for criminals to steal from you. These features help enhance the protection of both your data and shopping cart.

Payment Options PayPal

PayPal protection is now 180 days in the United States to grant higher level of safety on international transactions. During this entire period, you are also eligible for reimbursement on shipping costs if you wish to return the product to GearBest.

You might prefer to make payments using your credit card or debit card. GearBest supports these payment options indeed as you would expect.

Payment Options checkout

You can therefore make payments directly by credit card or debit card such as Mastercard or Visa. However, there is the option to pay by these cards via PayPal. The inclusion of PayPal in your payment process has two advantages to it:

  1. At any time, there is the element of a robust third-party platform working to enhance the protection of your shopping cart.
  2. Then there is the 180 days’ protection during which you’re eligible for reimbursements on items you return to GearBest.

Bonus: Be sure to verify your credit card on PayPal to have your apparel or gadgets dispatched quicker. (As a security measure, if the credit card address does not match the receiver address, GearBest might require an anti-fraud check).

Paying Options by Instalments: PayPal

GearBest allows US customers to pay for their orders in instalments. This means you won’t have to settle the entire cost at once, you can pay slowly over an agreed time.

Suppose you buy a high-cost item like the Ceramic version Xiaomi Mi 6 4G Smartphone, you won’t have to settle the entire cost at once. You can pay slowly over an agreed time using the PayPal Credit service.

Payment Options Installments

Note: PayPal rates are constantly changing. You will definitely pay slightly higher for this option over the subsequent couple of months.

Payment Options by Coupons

GearBest allows you to pay for your purchases using coupons. You can get these coupons via GearBest promotion pages or when you visiting its coupon pages.

To use your coupons to pay for goods on GearBest, ensure you’re logged in with your details you used to sign up on the site. Then enter the coupon code in the Box below your shopping cart and you’ll immediately see the discounted price.

Payment Options Coupon

As you proceed to checkout, you’ll only pay the reduced price. If you wish to get detailed explanation on the payment options that GearBest supports, please visit GearBest’s promotion page.