Organizations spend huge loads of money to obtain customer feedback – why necessarily, you ask? The feedback is a resource that informs all improvements needed on a product to make it more useful to the customer. GearBest goes several steps further to not only seek customer feedback but provide continuous, reliable support before, during and after purchase.

If you have any question regarding any aspect of your purchase on GearBest’s ecommerce store, you can contact the company’s customer service department using one or more of the three available methods:

1.    Fill a customer inquiry ticket and submit

The process is simple. Navigate to the customer support ticket, select your question type from the list provided: unsent orders inquiries, sent orders inquiries, Returns & Warranty, presale inquiries, payment questions, account setting issues and website feedback & Newsletter.

Once you’ve chosen the question type, add the subject of your inquiry in the space below your question type and then type in your message underneath the subject.

What’s required in the message is basically an explanation or the details of your enquiry. You are also allowed to attach files if you have any that is related to your inquiry.

The team at GearBest will often respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, except on weekends and during public holidays.

You are advised to select the right question type to facilitate faster response. GearBest also recommends that you limit the number of tickets you submit to one (1) for every topic (order).

inquiry ticket

2.    Join a live chat

US Customers who need immediate help can chat live with the customer service team at GearBest and have their queries resolved on the go. You can communicate with support team at GearBest on LiveChat. This provides you with the option to talk directly with GearBest and get instant feedback for your inquiries.

Live chat

 3.    Sign in with Facebook and contact GearBest via Facebook Messenger

GearBest has an active Facebook team that is on standby to take your inquiries and offer any assistance you may need. Like the LiveChat option, the Facebook Messenger service also allows you to have an express conversation with GearBest.

US customers who are more comfortable with languages other than English also have the option to contact GearBest customer support team in any of the other languages including French, Spanish, Русский, Português Italiano and Deutsch.

For more information regarding problems that are not related to an upcoming refund process, we suggest you take a look at our Facebook page.

At GearBest, you can always access continuous support at GearBest uses this channel to communicate any official change to your order and the team is always available to attend to your needs in good English any time, or in any of the other languages provided.