Two months after GearBest’s 3-year anniversary celebration, another round round of crazy flash sales is coming. This time the deals are brought to the next level thanks to huge discounts offered by an alliance with producers. This unique promotion will be composed of different activities, that will explained in this article. We got confirmation of some prices and the promise, that all of them are at an all time low!

Time to Start

There are two sessions during this promotion. You can enjoy shopping gears in the On Sale Session and prepare for the next wave of flash sale by checking the notice in Notice Session. Each wave of on-sale brands will last for a week or until sold out entirely. In these cases, GearBest will replace them with a new round of flash sale products immediately.

As always the amount on sale is limited and popular brands like Xiaomi, Meizu and others will probably sell out quickly. It is not possible to reserve a product by putting it in your walltet. First come, first serve always applies on GearBest.

Session 1: From May 10

There is no better brand than Xiaomi to celebrate the opening of GearBest’s flagship brands promotion. On the same day GearBest will start crazy flash sales on Vernee, Anet and KZ.

Session 2: From May 15

The second wave of brand flash sales starting from May 15 at 15:00 o’clock will offer a new set of brands. ILIFE, Mecool, Teclast, Elephone and others will be on sale. You will get notified with more details about the second wave brands flash sale products in advance by checking the Notice Session on GearBests promotion pages.

There is more to come!

After the initial flash sale phase starting from 10.05.2017, GearBest will keep this page alive and constantly host the best sales on that page. It will appear in the top menu next to the deals section. No more searching for the best deals and coupons.

More Appealing Products

Next to those famous brands Gearbest will also deliver a multitude of Gadgets & Gear spanning across all categories. Prices are said to be better than ever and literally any interest on this planet will be served with best price products.

Additional Coupons

A lot of coupons will be released during this promotion. To make your life easier we have collected them on our coupon platform for you. Save extra when using a coupon, but remember: you can’t pair flash sales with coupon discounts.


Most of the items will be shipped out from China and Hong Kong warehouses. As usual we recommend priority direct mail for a faster and safer delivery. As this shipping method might not be available for all customers, we would suggest to use registered airmail like Post NL or Singapore Post. For very urgent needs, DHL Express or UPS are your best bet!

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