GearBest is a Shenzhen, China based multinational eCommerce company specialized in gadgets and apparel. The company’s US portfolio is comprised of one warehouse in New York and another in Los Angeles.

By buying items from GearBest, US customers get a chance to receive innovative products that in most cases have not yet landed in the general market. GearBest also lets US customers enjoy extremely competitive prices.

If you are located anywhere in the United States, this guide provides you with important information on buying from GearBest.

GearBest Shipping & USA Warehouse

To ensure quick delivery of all products from for all USA customers, GearBest ships by Priority Mail, a custom free delivery method that works 7 days a week. Priority Mail is the fastest domestic service and is suitable for any time-sensitive merchandise.

All parcels sent to any address in America from any of these locations (New York and Los Angeles warehouses) are subject to custom-free shipping.

Each of the two warehouses is fully stocked with gadgets and apparel for immediate shipping. once you place an order for goods in any of the two warehouses, the processing time is anywhere from 1 to 2 business days.

All these are duty-free products as GearBest has already paid duty on them upon their landing in the United States.

GearBest Taxes: priority mail & US local warehouses

Even though Priority Mail is customs free, it is still subject to the general USA taxes policy and any changes in tax policies in individual states may affect charges. GearBest is nevertheless keen to keep you updated on all changes that affect you and will update this guide accordingly.

GearBest insists on providing all its US customers with fast shipping methods to avoid the typically long procedures involved in importation.

GearBest payment method: PayPal

GearBest uses PayPal as its only method of payment. PayPal introduces the element of a third-party platform with top security features to enhance the protection of your data and shopping cart.

PayPal protection is now 180 days in the United States to grant higher level of safety on international transactions. During the PayPal protection period you are also eligible for reimbursement on shipping costs if you wish to return the product to GearBest.

Bonus: Be sure to verify your credit card on PayPal to have your apparel or gadgets dispatched quicker. (As a security measure, if the credit card address does not match the receiver address, GearBest might require an anti-fraud check).

Paying by Instalments: PayPal

GearBest allows payment for orders in instalments for the United States customers. This means you won’t have to pay the entire cost at once, you can pay slowly on instalments.

Note: PayPal rates are constantly changing. You will definitely pay slightly higher for this option over the next couple of months.

GearBest Customer Support

US customers can access continuous support at GearBest uses this channel to communicate any official change to your order. The GearBest are available to attend to your needs in good English any time.

In case of problems that are not related to an upcoming refund process, we suggest you take a look at our Facebook page.